How can we measure success?

Each of us will measure success in accordance with our own basket of karma. Success is apparent on the physical and psychic planes but perhaps it is only a limited success. Could it be one and a half steps forward and one or two steps back?

For me, success has always been about touching a new level of awareness and understanding. A recognition that i have come a bit closer to the ‘I’ that is the same for all of us.

My Guru talks about this movement,

“When the aesthetic sense, based on the subtle aesthetic science touches a certain standard, it is called mysticism. When this mysticism reaches the pinnacle of human glory, it is called spirituality. What is mysticism? Mysticism is a never-ending endeavor to find the link between the finite and the infinite, the endeavor to find a link between the self and the Super-Self.”

O Sedate One, Oṋḿkára is the image of your bow. Here the twanging or plucking of the bow means the act of Práńáyáma ( a yogic method of breath-control), i.e., stirring up the vital or spiritual force. If you use your soul as an arrow and shoot it aiming at the Brahma-like target with a deeply concentrated (absolutely unwavering) mind, then your soul will certainly merge in the Supreme Soul just as an ordinary arrow sticks in its target.

Try, O Sádhaka, to know only Him, in Whom are held the sky, the world and the void, in whom are ensconced the mind, the five vital forces and the sensory and motor organs. Shun all other pointless considerations except your efforts to know Him. You are mortal, subject to death. Your desire of establishing yourself in deathlessness has been with you from eternity. And that very Brahma is the bridge leading to that state of deathlessness. So you will reap the real good, if you can only know Him.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Dada Jagadiishananda (contact me and I’ll tell you how!)