What is to be gained from establishing a daily practice of meditation?  Peace and clarity of mind; to truly know our role and enjoy this life to the fullest is a worthy goal. It comes with a steady, step by step, daily practice.  Meditation is practiced in the privacy of your own mind.  To feel yourself one with the cosmos is your birthright.

A few great souls have come to this world and left behind a means by which we can come into our own.

My Guru was such a one and He told me how to share this practice.  One can begin with a conversation on phone or Skype.  There are many suggestions and much wisdom coming down through the ages I can pass on which will make establishing and maintaining a practice easier.  There are many lessons to be imparted.

Contact me and I will share them with you.  All lessons are priceless, must be free and will be imparted at the proper time. If you seek me out I will give them to you without charge if I feel you are committed to their proper use.  Preparing to use them is something else, I can help you with that.

Dada Jagadiishananda (Andrew Rawlings)


Dada’s cell phone: 323-541-8555