The name of the practice is tantra/yoga.  It is the most ancient spiritual practice of India.  Most yoga scholars today maintain that as a spiritual path tantra has disappeared from India.  The erotic element of tantra became popular in the west because when someone saw the possibility of exploitation and riches they imported a tiny facet of tantra and that became what people know as tantra.  There have been very few great souls to carry on the tradition and practice of tantra.  My teacher, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, was such a one.  He had no guru, in fact he said that the only guru is the formless One who expresses himself rarely through great souls.

The practice is simplicity itself. It is said that the great way is neither easy nor difficult.  The difficult part is sitting down regularly and focusing your mind.  The easy part is pushing the ‘on’ button.  Once you have the green light, the incomprehensible opens up before you. (well, maybe not immediately)  Then connection to the world of peace and silence asserts itself and you find yourself suddenly in silent agreement with your own inner world.  A sure sign of progress is getting an inkling that it is ‘your’ mind and that ‘you’ are the director.

Meaningful mindfulness is the direct result.  When you read a book your mind zeros in on it so as to understand what is being said.  In the art of meditation your mind is zeroing in on your own inner self which has much to tell us and does so all the time but normally we are busy with other things.

The step by step process leads you to the place where ‘you’ are in command.  Simply by closing your eyes you have cut out 90% of the external stimuli affecting the mind.  It has been found that by sitting regularly each day with your eyes closed for a stipulated time period, even without following any practice of meditation there are marked effects on blood pressure, psychic states, etc.  So, when you can do the same but with focused intent, progress is guaranteed.